By on 28th Feb 2020

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Turkey abolishes its tourist visa for British visitors

The Turkish government has made the decision to scrap its tourist visa, currently required to enter the country, for several European nations – including Britain.

Turkey’s tourist e-visa has meant that British holidaymakers have had to pay the fee of $20 to enter the country, but as of 2nd March 2020 this will no longer be the case. British citizens will be free to enter Turkey for tourism purposes for up to 90 days, without a visa. Visitors will, however, be required to have a least 6 months validity on their passports, as well as a full blank page for entry and exit stamps.

Turkey is renowned for its extensive coastline and golden beaches, however this vast country has much more to offer than simply glorious sunshine. The land between Fethiye and Antalya is dotted with Lycian ruins, evidence of a sophisticated ancient culture whose distinct artistic style can still be witnessed in intricate carvings and fascinating rock tombs.

The surreal landscape of Cappadocia is unmissable. Its towering topography of unearthly rock formations, sometimes referred to as ‘fairy chimneys’, is a fantastical landscape best explored by hot air balloon. Cave churches, cave hotels and Byzantine frescoes are hidden within this other-worldly terrain.

The fascinating city of Istanbul has been a meeting place of cultures for centuries, thanks to its strategic position between powerful civilisations throughout history. Ruled in the past by the Greek, Roman, Venetian and Ottoman empires, it remains a city of enormous diversity and boasts incredible Byzantine architecture. Its many galleries and museums are brimming with treasures of the once-extensive Ottoman Empire.